• An amazing Bible that will help you to live the supernatural life. It will impact Bible reading for a new generation. This Bible highlights every time that God speaks throughout the Bible. It also highlights every miracle and every dream, vision and encounter with angels.
  • Lord Heal Me - book by Richard Mull. This book examines the subject of healing from a biblical basis tracing every passage regarding healing, from Genesis through Revelation. "Lord, Heal Me" Traces the biblical foundation of healing from Genesis to Revelation. There are many testimonies of God healing the sick today. You will grow in faith and in understanding of what the bible teaches about this very important subject. This is a must for every follower of Jesus who wants to be like Jesus, do what Jesus did and teach what Jesus taught.
  • This is a life altering book written by Richard Mull. Based solidly upon the Word of God and filled with powerful stories, Richard shares the lessons that Jesus took him through. The Jesus Training Manual - Richard Mull's unique story is one of God destroying religious constraints and reeling in miracles of healing, salvations, and supernatural experiences in the presence of God that will keep you turning pages. It will help you overcome skepticism, toss away theological hang ups you once thought were from God and stand solidly on biblical principles. Filled with amazing real-life stories and practical applications of the same lessons Jesus taught His 12 disciples, you will be challenged to believe God is able to do more than you ever imagined!
  • Learn How to Hear God - In the book of Acts, God spoke 22 different ways.Through highlighted text and commentary, you will be amazed to see how much God is speaking to His people. God Speaks: Learn How to Hear God – A Journey through the Book of Acts – This is the first book released of the entire God Speaks Bible. The book of Acts is the birth of the New Testament Church. This book reveals all the ways that God speaks throughout the book of Acts. It is exciting to see God speaking to his people through Angels, signs, wonders, miracles, the Holy Spirit, Prophets, Men who preached the Word and many other ways.
  • This book will walk teens and young adults through 21 EXTREME DAYS that will open their eyes to the 7 injustices in the world and ask them to take action DAILY. The Justice Revolution is a mobilization of this generation to be the hands and feet of Jesus to the world. It is based on Isaiah 58. People who participate will be transformed and make a difference as they engage in a 21 day guide to build awareness of 7 justice issues of our day. The issues they learn about are: Homelessness, Poverty, Abortion, Human Trafficking, Child Soldiers, Persecuted Church, Access to clean water, and Homelessness. Everyday they are INFORMED, called to ACT, asked to DEBRIEF, and PRAY. All of the assignments are challenging, force one of of their comfort zone and make you think.
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    Life Resurrected

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    Order Life Resurrected today and see how extra-ordinary miracles can be done through ordinary people. Want a life filled with extraordinary miracles? This book will grab you from the very beginning with real life stories of a firefighter paramedic who began to believe God could use him. the miracles that take place inside his rescue vehicle are just the beginning. God is still working miracles today and it will inspire you to believe that God can use you, in your ordinary life to do extra-ordinary miracles too. You will learn about God's power at work in ordinary people and how to believe God to work in and through you. Jesse includes the testimony of other ordinary people who began to trust God and saw him do amazing things in their lives. Jesse Birkey, the author, had enough of the average, mediocre christian life and sought God for more. He found it and tells the story in this life-transforming work Go beyond the ordinary Christian life!
  • A great CD to complement the God Speaks Bible that will help you to live the supernatural life. It will impact Bible reading for a new generation.
  • A great DVD to complement the God Speaks Bible that will help you to live the supernatural life. It will impact Bible reading for a new generation.