Jesus commanded all of his disciples to “go and make disciples of all nations.” At Operation Light Force we take Jesus’ words seriously, and it is our earnest desire that each Believer would do the same. Where we used to focus primarily on evangelism, we now see our ministry serving a two-fold purpose – to evangelize AND disciple. Our mission statement reflects this belief: “Growing biblical disciples to bring about personal, family, city-wide and global spiritual transformation.”

Our discipleship focus seeks to bring to the forefront of Christian culture the discipleship ministry that Jesus Himself initiated over 2,000 years ago. Not only do we seek to answer the question, “What is a disciple?”, but we are training Believers to hear God’s voice, preach the Kingdom of God, and walk in spiritual, emotional, and physical healing. We currently offer three books by Richard Mull (Lord Disciple Me, Lord Heal Me and Let God Out of the Box), conferences based on these scriptural teachings, and we minister locally to the needs of hurting Christians.

God desires to take you on a journey much like that of Jesus’ first disciples, who learned to do what Jesus was doing by observing Him in action and obeying what He taught. We want to help you to develop a biblical foundation for your journey – then Jesus will provide the hands-on experience!

These conferences are currently available:

  • The Jesus Training Conference
  • Lord Heal Me Conference
  • Healing The Home Front Conference
  • Breaking Free Conference

To learn more about bringing a Training Conference to your church or city, email us or call: Local: (813) 657-6147