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For 10 years of my life, God was calling me to serve Him. I ignored His voice and His call on my life. I chased the American dream and I was successful in that journey. Finally, I stopped ignoring God and entered Bible College. I graduated last year and have had several opportunities to work at churches.
NOW, I believe that I have found the ministry where I am called to serve the Lord. Operation Light Force is its name.  I am also helping to start a church called Light Force church.
This is the vision of Operation Light Force:
Vision of Operation Light Force
To equip biblical disciples who bring about personal, family, church, city, national, and global spiritual transformation by compassionately reaching out to the communities we serve through the training and development of youth and adults in all aspects of the healing ministry.
We believe that out of this vision, God intends to bring about an explosion of new life in the body of Christ. New Christians hungering for healing and discipleship will enter into the wave of revival that will soon move into our churches today.
The Need
The ministry of Operation Light Force is faith based. All of their team members have served God for years ministering healing and freedom to people. The need is great. They are ministering to people all over the world who contact them for healing and freedom from demonic strongholds.
This is what I know I am called to do, and this is where I am called to do it. I am jumping in with all my skills, gifts, abilities and time believing that God will provide for my financial needs.
I am stepping out in faith in God to provide $12,000 to cover the first 3 months of my time here at Operation Light Force. When COVID hit, my business completely dried up. I knew that it was time for me to jump in and do what God was telling me to do.
I just told you everything you need to know if God has already spoken to you to be part of my story.
I would love for you to hear some of the miracles and some of the incredible stories that explain how I KNOW God has told me this is the time, this is the place, and this is His call on my life.


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