Rejoice, for the Lord Has Come!

The Lord is so good. We are so excited as all He has been doing here at Operation Light Force. Many of you have prayed with us, for us. May of you have sown to Operation Light Force over the years. Now we are at a major milestone for the ministry. We are asking you to join us and help us to cross the threshold all the way.

As you know we were able to purchase land and begin the healing center. God has expanded the ministry rapidly. Now we are beginning work on the Training Center building and God has been providing for us to do all He has called us to. We are so close to the goal. 

I wrote out everything that it would take to finish the Training Center, and get some other essential things to accomplish all that the Lord has for us and to do it well. The total need came to $267,959.00 and we have shared the vision and the need and watched God begin to provide. Now H wants us to share it with all the friends of Operation Light Force to both rejoice together and to pray with us that we are able to fully accomplish what the Lord has called us to. You can also join us in hitting and ore if God wills, exceed our goal.

First, shout your praise to the Lord for all the great things He has done! Then please pray with us for the rest of what is needed. Then, ask God if He would have you give.

ALSO!!! – Please consider joining us for our first conference in our New Building on Januar 30-February 2. 

Budgetary Needs for OLF

Finishing the Property – The main thing left is 4000 sq. ft. Training Center: $173,000

2 Video Production Studios – $12,759.79

Office Equipment – Computers and other office needs $3,200

Websites updated – One new website and 3 updates $22,000

Salaries – One new Administrator and some increases $57,000 

Total Need Presented – $267,959.00

REJOICE !!! Already Donated $203,280.00 HALLELUJAH!!!!

Remaining Need – $64,679