Table of Contents

Preface 6

What does it mean to renounce something? 6 Guidelines for using the prayers of renunciation … 7

What is a Petition? 9

Samuel and Hannah … 10 Adonijah and Bathsheba … 11 Esther … 11 The Bride of Messiah … 12

Steps to writing a petition 13

Prayer of Agreement 14

Example of how to write a petition 14

Conclusion 15

Granting permission to Counsellor to pray for Individual 16

Declaration of CONFIDENCE in GOD’s Protection 17

Sealing-Off Prayer BEFORE Deliverance 18

For Memories to Surface 21

For the Different Identities to meet 22

Salvation and Healing for Every Identity 23

Petition for Protection in All Areas 24

Protection for Counsellors and Cult-Loyal Parts that are still Active 28

Prayer against territorial Spirits and Satanic Agents 30


Safety and Protection for Individual 35 Safety and Recommitment of All Identities, calling them back to the Individual 36 Interceding 37 Prayer of Repentance: A 38 Prayer of Repentance: B 39 Not to attack Christians 41 A letter to and Prayer for the Cult-loyal Parts still serving Satan 42

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Petition for the Parts still loyal to Satan and the Cult 43

Activation linked to certain Times 45

Suicidal Programming 46

Petition against Suicide 49

Brain Wave Programming 51

Petition against Computer System 59

Recognizing and Classifying Programming 62

Prayer concerning the Spider Web 70

Petition for those caught up in Cyber Sex & Pornography 72

Background Information on power demon Asmodee 72

Petition for the antichrist pillar to be Destroyed 80 Petition: the great whore … mystery Babylon 82 Petition: the New World Order 85 Military Programming 86 Petition: Termination of Satan’s Military Intelligence 89 Dismantling of the Pillar of the Beast (the False Prophet and the Antichrist) 91 Revelations of the Network behind the Destruction of the Survivor’s Finances 93 Petition Platinum: Finances 95 Rituals and Programming done: using the Word of God 97 Petition: Dismantling programming for SRA Survivors 99 Petition: Protection for the Church 102

BEE Programming 104

The Merovingian Bloodline 106 Sex Magic 107

Petition: Protection and Covering for Church & Ministry 110

Introduction 110 Beehive Programming 110 Whore of Babylon 111 The antichrist, the False Prophet and the New World Order 111 Military Programming 112

Prayer: break all Ties to All Fertility Cults as well as Spirit- Husbands and Wives114

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Witchcraft in Families 114 Incubus and Succubus 114 Prayer 114 Harlotry 114 Triple Cord needs to be broken 117 Broom of Destruction 117

Bone Magic 119

Introduction 119 The Biblical Truth about Bones 119 Ezekiel and the Valley of Dry Bones 120 Joseph 120 The Bones of Elisha 120

The Occult Hijacking and Perverting GODLY Principles 125

What is in the Bones? 125 Babylonian Roots 125

Prayer Strategy for Dealing with the Bones of Death, the grave, and hell. 132

Prayer of Renunciation for SHAMANISM 139

Additional prayer of renunciation of Shamanism … 143

Possible evil spirits listed below … 144 America is a Melting Pot of Races 147 Earline’s Testimony – Indian Curses in my Life 147

Indian Curses (Excerpts) 149
Deliverance of an Eagle Scout (Excerpts) 150

Colors, Metals and Jewel Programming 154

Color coding 154
Metals programming

Jewels programming

Color programming: 157

Wrapping-Up Prayer AFTER Deliverance 159

A word of ENCOURAGEMENT! 160

Doug Riggs’s comments on 1 Peter 5:7

Calendar Dates for Major Cult Activities

Resource Directory Additional Kanaan Resources Priestly Blessing