Intensive Care Ministry

Our staff will evaluate and prayerfully consider this information, along with any diagnosed physical, mental or emotional diseases. Many times, diseases exist because of “dis-ease” in your soul or spirit, and diseases give us insight into how to minister to you.

You will be assigned 2 prayer ministers who will minister and journey with you while you are here. They are people who have been in your place -seeking ministry – and have received healing and freedom for themselves. Through the interview and dialog process with these ministers, the source of “dis-ease” in your spirit, soul or body will be uncovered through exploration of several areas.

The ministry you receive will model Isaiah 61. The first thing we want to convey is God very much wants to bring you into a place of victory. Because of Christ’s death and resurrection the same anointing that was on Jesus is available to bring abundant life and victory into your life today.

Your prayer minister will explore and minister healing to any places of broken-heartedness that life has imparted to you. Anything you have felt captive to – habits, obsessive thoughts, fears, voices, phobias – the team will use keys from God’s word to bring you to a place of freedom.

Isaiah 61 also talks about being released from darkness. For any darkness you are experiencing, including hearing voices or seeing things, the power of God is so much greater and will release you and bring you peace.

Isaiah 61 also talks about comforting those that mourn. The team will help bring closure to areas of wounding by others, unmet needs, and life’s hurts. God your Father wants to give you joy for sadness and give you hope for any area of despair.

A typical day involves you receiving ministry in the morning and afternoon. Each session lasts from 1-1/2 to 2 hours. We also have DVD and CD resources for you to listen to.

Based on what we have experienced, and what we have seen God do for others who have received ministry, we have a high expectation that God will bring healing to you and calm storms in your life. We look forward to serving you.

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Please note that this form is confidential. We take your privacy seriously. Please read our waivers at the end for more information. Be sure to choose the correct type of ministry from the dropdown below.

Significant Past Events

Drug/Alcohol Addictions

Spiritual/Religious Background


  1. All applicants for Personal Prayer Ministry must read and sign the Waiver of Liability and Waver of Confidentiality.
  2. After placement has been made for Prayer Ministry, you will be assigned 2 prayer ministers.
  3. Sessions are normally 1 ½ hours in length. We try as much as possible to accommodate the schedules of individuals. For broken soul ministry it is best to plan two sessions.
  4. We want you to be aware that we are not salaried employees that are funded by a church and/or organization. While we don’t charge for Prayer Ministry sessions, we do ask for you to partner with us financially. Without funding, we cannot continue to do what we do. Therefore, we ask you to ask God what amount He would have you give to support the ministry here at Operation Light Force. The minimum donation is $75.00 per ministry session. If this is a hardship for you feel free to contact us and let us know about your hardship. We can scholarship a certain number of people some times and are glad to do so when the Lord allows.


  • I declare that I am coming into this ministry arrangement of my own free will.
  • I understand that during these ministry sessions I will be confronting inner feelings and emotions, which could cause emotional pain.
  • I understand that I will be seeing trained Personal Prayer Ministers who will be able to listen, support, encourage, pray with, and minister to me to help me overcome my problems and to grow in my Christian life.
  • I understand that the Operation Light Force ministry team is offering prayer ministry by faith along with personal encouragement. They are not offering services as professional or licensed counselors, therapists, medical or psychological practitioners. I accept that they are not licensed psychologists and that they minister according to principles of the Christian Bible.
  • I understand that, at any time, either myself, or my Personal Prayer Ministers may refuse to engage in further communications and/or ministry and be free to terminate sessions with no further ministry, or obligation on anyone’s part.
  • I accept that I may be referred to other sources of ministry or counseling.
  • I acknowledge that ministry is under the direction and control of the Holy Spirit, and that no guarantees are made, nor can be made, by anyone or any organization, that I will or will not receive any particular healing. Thus, I waive all rights to claims of liability.
  • I indemnify and agree to hold the host facility, Operation Light Force and the Operation Light Force ministry team members harmless for any of my personal responses to the teachings and ministry I receive.


I am aware that all statements that I shall make are of a confidential nature, including all written information, and that legally and ethically this may not be disclosed without my written consent. However, I waive my right to “complete” confidentiality in the following situations:

  • Your Personal Prayer Ministers may need to do a consultation with others involved in prayer ministry in some situations.
  • I accept and acknowledge that Personal Prayer Ministers or any other persons involved in working with adults and children in a helping setting, are either encouraged or required by law to disclose to the appropriate authorities, any harm or potential harm that a person may attempt or desire to do to himself/herself (such as suicide), or to others.
  • I accept and acknowledge that they are also required to report any reasonable suspicion of physical or sexual abuse that has been done, or that is being done to a minor child, spouse or elderly person.
  • I accept that all Personal Prayer Ministers reserve the right to make such reports as mandated by law. By my signature I acknowledge that I have read and understand all of the above provisions, including the Waiver of Liability and Waiver of Confidentiality, and that I accept the stated conditions and limits of liability and confidentiality.