Our staff will evaluate and prayerfully consider this information, along with any diagnosed physical, mental or emotional diseases. Many times, diseases exist because of “dis-ease” in your soul or spirit, and diseases give us insight into how to minister to you.

You will be assigned 2 prayer ministers who will minister and journey with you while you are here. They are people who have been in your place -seeking ministry – and have received healing and freedom for themselves. Through the interview and dialog process with these ministers, the source of “dis-ease” in your spirit, soul or body will be uncovered through exploration of several areas.

The ministry you receive will model Isaiah 61. The first thing we want to convey is God very much wants to bring you into a place of victory. Because of Christ’s death and resurrection the same anointing that was on Jesus is available to bring abundant life and victory into your life today.

Your prayer minister will explore and minister healing to any places of broken-heartedness that life has imparted to you. Anything you have felt captive to – habits, obsessive thoughts, fears, voices, phobias – the team will use keys from God’s word to bring you to a place of freedom.

Isaiah 61 also talks about being released from darkness. For any darkness you are experiencing, including hearing voices or seeing things, the power of God is so much greater and will release you and bring you peace.

Isaiah 61 also talks about comforting those that mourn. The team will help bring closure to areas of wounding by others, unmet needs, and life’s hurts. God your Father wants to give you joy for sadness and give you hope for any area of despair.

A typical day involves you receiving ministry in the morning and afternoon. Each session lasts from 1-1/2 to 2 hours. We also have DVD and CD resources for you to listen to.

Based on what we have experienced, and what we have seen God do for others who have received ministry, we have a high expectation that God will bring healing to you and calm storms in your life. We look forward to serving you.

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