The “God Speaks – Hearing the Voice of God” Conference

Pastors and leaders can offer an inspiring conference for their congregation and other affiliated churches.  Hosting a conference promotes unity and anticipation church-wide and provides a platform for growth and rejuvenation. Your people will learn how to hear God, all the unique and dynamic ways that God speaks, how to prophesy, how to interpret dreams and so much more.

The God Speaks – Hearing the Voice of God Conference Conference is based on two new books by Richard Mull.  In February 2010 Richard began a study of God’s voice with a clear call from God to write about hearing God’s voice. His life and ministry have been transformed over the years as God revealed how much He wants His people to see the many ways He spoke in the Bible, is still speaking today, and how to hear His voice. The result of the years of research is a study Bible called “God Speaks Study Bible.”

The God Speaks Bible traces every detail of God speaking throughout the entire bible. In this Bible everywhere that God speaks is highlighted in 5 colors. The means of designating each of these unique ways of God speaking is through a simple yet
meaningful color code. In addition, at the beginning of each book is a list of everyone to whom God spoke in that book. It is inspiring as you see God communicating with people from all walks of life. It will amaze you to see the myriad of ways God has been talking to people throughout history.
the myriad of ways God has been talking to people throughout history.

The God Speaks – Hearing the Voice of God Conference is an interactive seminar where attendees are offered training and a hands-on experience in hearing the voice of God.  It is available in a half-day or full day conference.  This conference can be offered free with a donation alongside or a small fee can be charged for attendees to help cover costs.  Typically there are about 3 sessions in a half day conference, and 4 sessions in a full day.

  1. The first session– The opening session will teach how God spoke throughout the Bible
    as well as how He can speak to us in the same way.  
  2. The second session equips people in how to hear God for themselves. 
    1. It includes a first-hand, interactive experience where time is taken to hear God for ourselves.  
    2. There is also time to discuss what was heard and how to interpret what people have heard.
  3. The third session (included in a full day conference) delves deeper into how God speaks and how to discern God’s voice vs. other voices we may hear.
    1. There is more time to listen to God and interact regarding what God is saying to the Body of Christ. 
    2. Wise counsel is given regarding how to handle what we hear.
  4. Session four finishes up with teaching on hearing God for others and how to test what we and what others hear words from God against scripture and discernment. This session will delve into Prophesy and interpreting dreams.
    1. There are exercises that help people listen to what God might be saying for others.
    2. Time is also set aside to help people process things that they heard, how they were impacted and more.


What are you committing to:
1. Hosting and promoting the conference to your church and other believers in your
2. Covering Travel expenses and housing arrangements when necessary.
3. Taking up a love offering or underwriting the conference

What we will provide
1. Flyers and graphics for handing out, and for promoting through Social Media.
2. We will promote the conference to our thousands of followers
3. We will provide an excellent experience and training on one of the most
important aspects of the Christian Life – Hearing God’s Voice.