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Jesus Training Conference

This conference is designed to be an introduction to the discipleship ministry that Jesus initiated over 2,000 years ago. The same content and practices that He taught to a group of fishermen, tax collectors, and other very-ordinary people are the things that we will teach you. In designing this conference, we have sought to determine the core elements that Jesus included when He gave His disciples the command before He departed, “teaching them everything that I have taught you.”In this conference you will receive teaching and personal ministry in the following areas:

Session Topics Include:

  • What is a Disciple?… Our primary objective today must be to make disciples. Learn what the main ingredients of a biblical disciple are.
  • Who’s Disciple are You?… You will learn to see Jesus in a brand new way. He made it possible and wants you to be like Him and to do what He did. It is vital that we know Jesus in a fresh way.
  • Hearing God’s Voice… You will have an opportunity to practice hearing the Lord speak to you. Jesus said, “My sheep hear my voice and no other voice will they listen to.”
  • The Message of a Disciple: the Kingdom of God… Jesus and the disciples preached “The Kingdom of God”. What is it, and why is it so foundational to every Christian?
  • Keys of the Kingdom – Pt 1… In this session, you will learn several vital keys to experiencing God’s Kingdom in your life. You will learn truths about the ministry of healing, setting spiritual captives free from strongholds and addictions, and how to be more effective in ministry.
  • Keys of the Kingdom – Pt 2… This session focuses on how to use the keys of God’s Kingdom. You will also learn how NOT to use them, and how important it will be to continue to learn and develop your understanding of these principals so that you can become more effective.
  • Triumphant Ministry… Focuses on what Triumphant Ministry entails. A good portion of this session is spent ministering to people one-on-one with our trained staff, as we demonstrate the type of ministry Jesus used.

To learn more about bringing a Lord Disciple Me Conference to your church or city, email us or call:

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