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Healing the Home Front Conference

God intended that our homes be a place of peace and harmony, where relationships are warm, close, and every person is cherished as a unique creation of God. He intended that we encourage and strengthen each other. However, in many Christian homes there is miscommunication, anger, strife, and sometimes violence. “Healing the Home Front” will reveal how the enemy enters and the Biblical steps to establish God’s promised peace for your home, family, and relationships.

Sessions focus on topics such as:

  • Open House – A look inside the family dynamics
    Discover Gods intention for the family verses the enemy’s schemes. Learn to close the doorway to the enemy and restore Godly order for your household.
  • Restoring Male and Female Relationships
    God created them male and female. Understand the uniqueness and the blessings of God’s design. Uncover the schemes of the enemy to divide the sexes. Experience restoration in your relationships.
  • Housecleaning
    Recognize what the enemy has brought into your house to harm you. Learn how to spiritually cleanse your home. Recapture God’s presence, peace and blessing in your household.
  • Healing the Child’s Heart
    God’s desire is for a child’s heart to be empowered by relationships that communicate “You are valuable and your future is good”. Preempt the enemy’s schemes to wound the child’s heart and bring healing to the wounded.
  • Words- Power of Life and Death
    God ordained words to have power. They were meant to create, establish, bless, and empower. The enemy has used this principle to wound. Learn to use your words to fulfill the purposes of God.

To learn more about bringing a Healing the Home Front Conference to your church or city,email us or call:

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