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Breaking Free Conference

The Breaking Free Conference is designed for teens and young adults. The content and the presentation of the material have been geared for this age group. Many times the yokes and bondages that we have as adults are formed in the teen and young adult years. We want to partner with God to awaken this generation to break strongholds, experience freedom and walk in the power of a Christ-filled life. This conference is the beginning of a journey that will help you to experience wholeness, freedom and learn how to minister freedom and healing to others.

Session topics include:

  • God’s Will for You – Wholeness
    Understanding God’s will for every believer to be whole in body, soul and spirit.
  • Living in the Light of a Limitless God
    Learn how God gave mankind authority, we lost it, how Christ got it back, and offers it back to us.
  • Reconciliation and Forgiveness
    Learn the power of forgiveness, first in what Christ did for us and then how difficult relationships can dramatically change when we operate in forgiveness.
  • Relationship Pitfalls
    The effects of present and past relationships can prevent us from developing healthy relationships today and rob us of peace. Watch God break off controlling, ungodly relationships and feel their grip loosen.
  • Doing it God’s Way
    You’ve learned what Satan and our culture has to say about sexuality, now find out what God is saying. Find healing and freedom in God’s plan.
  • Resolving Painful Parent Issues
    Unresolved issues with your parents can affect your life today and in the future, as well as have an impact on your future relationships and marriage. Learn the amazing promises that God attaches to healthy relationships with your parents.
  • Walking in Dominion
    Experience the Lordship of Jesus and the power of the Holy Spirit in every situation.

To learn more about bringing a Breaking Free Conference to your church or city, email us or call:
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