I am astounded again at the many and various ways that the Lord speaks. Today I read that the Lord spoke to the Israelites that He was God and that the three families who rebel against God’s anointed servant Moses were actually rebelling against God and God confirmed that to be true by opening up the earth and swallowing up those who were rebelling (Numbers 16). Imagine how quickly all the church disputes would be dealt with today if God just confirmed His will by swallowing up those who were really opposing the Lord. Would that keep the arguing, complaining, grumbling and rebelling to a minimum?

Then the next dispute rose up between the children of Israel and Moses and God. Everyone was complaining about Moses trying to make himself out to be a big shot leader or something. God spoke by action that He was angry through a plague that was quickly stopped by Moses and Aaron’s intercession. God was defending the calling and integrity of His servants. They showed what they were made of by their intercession for the people. What a challenge to those who God establishes as leaders. These men let God defend them and when God was defending them, they loved those who had come against them so much that they interceded for them. Lord, give us humble servant leaders who will passionately intercede for your people, even when they deserve retribution.

But the most amazing way that God spoke was to confirm before the people that He, The Lord, had chosen Aaron to be His priest was through a staff or rod made of acacia would that Aaron stuck in the ground (Numbers 17:1-10). Each tribe was to choose a leader and they were each to take a staff of wood and bring it to the Tent of Meeting and place them in front of the Testimony where God would meet with Moses. Each tribe did so and the next day Aaron’s stick of wood had sprouted leaves and even had mature almonds on the branches. Again, imagine the implications if today God would select leaders with this serious of a confirmation before all the people. In one denomination I watched prospective pastors being grilled publicly by other pastors and leaders to confirm that they were ready. Everything was about knowledge. That isn’t how God chose or set apart His chosen, though some were very impressive in their mastery of Hebrew, Greek, Church history and more. Did that mean they were truly set apart by the Lord?

Seeking God for confirmation of your calling is worth every ounce of prayer equity you can put forth. There are those who are self-appointed leaders who work in the arm of the flesh and appear to do Kingdom work and there are those whom God has ordained, confirmed and set apart. May we be those who have the supernatural mark of God on our ministries and lives.

  • Are you seeking answers from God on something important in your life?
  • Do you believe God will give confirmation if you are truly seeking answers from Him?
  • Have you seen God confirm decisions or answers from you in the past? How so?