Brief History of OLF

The 40-Day Revolution

Operation Light Force began when Richard Mull was asked to lead a single youth event called “This Means War.” Where 750 junior high and high school student came together at Countryside Christian Center in Clearwater for an event that mobilized them for 40-Days to impact their campus for Christ. We saw incredible results and God breathed on the 40-Day Revolution and over the next 10 years over 1 million youth did the 40-Day Revolution.

Healing Ministry

During those 10 years, the Lord was also answering a prayer that Richard had prayed as He asked the Lord to Disciple him. In his times of prayer and studying God’s Word, he had seen that Jesus took 12 ordinary guys and taught them how to heal the sick, how to cast out evil spirits and how to preach the kingdom of God. Richard began to ask Jesus to teach him those same things. Jesus heard his prayers and he began to see the Lord send people who needed healing and needed to experience freedom from strongholds in their lives. After the first 10 years, the focus of Operation Light Force became ministering healing and equipping people to minister healing for the last 10 years. Many conferences were born and held all around the nation.

We have seen the Lord heal just about everything that can be healed and most things that are called incurable. We have seen the Lord raise the dead including my own son, Nathanael, who was dead for 40 minutes. We have seen DID, Bipolar, MPD, many cancers, ADHD, ADD, and so much more. We have seen fibromyalgia, auto-immune diseases, Thyroids completely healed and restored. We have seen many people set free from demonic strongholds over the years. And, we have trained many people in how to minister healing.

We have many different conferences related to healing ministry, hearing God’s voice and overcoming strongholds. You can host a conference in your church or in our city. For more information go to our resource page and look under conferences.

God Speaks Bible

About 3 years ago Richard finished a 4-year labor of love called The God Speaks Bible. It was a life changing experience as Richard worked on creating a study Bible based on hearing God’s voice. This Bible has been featured on the TV show It’s Supernatural with Sid Roth This Bible has impacted many readers and is the favorite of many who own a God Speaks Bible.

Broken Soul Ministry

The Lord has begun to send many people to OLF who have faced many severe traumas in their lives. He has been training and equipping us to do effective ministry to people who have been diagnosed MPD (Multiple Personality Disorder), DID (Dissociative Identity Disorder), Bi-Polar Disorder and many other similar challenges.

We call this part of the ministry Broken Soul Ministry. In order to receive this type of ministry, it is important to download the Comprehensive Personal Inventory.


Richard Mull – Founder/Director

As a renowned author, speaker and ministry leader, Richard Mull’s books and ministry have been featured on JCTV, The 700 Club, CTN and Sky Angel. His 40-Day books have been featured at The Call events all around the world, where hundreds of thousands have utilized this life-changing, city-transforming material. Richard is the Founder and President of Operation Light Force (OLF), a ministry based near Tampa, FL, which he has headed up for 11 years. OLF’s vision is to equip men and women – old and young – to think, act and be like Jesus for their entire lives.

Dawn Mull – Administration

Dawn is Richard Mull’s better half and helps in the ministry in many ways. She has been a part of the ministry since its inception.

Tom Mull – Communication Administrator

Tom has a background in the business world primarily in the furniture industry. He has also founded and run several ministries. Tom has been involved with Operation Light Force since 2012 in many different capacities. He now will be the person you talk with when you call OLF.

Andrew Mull – General Manager/Next Generation Minister

Andrew is the son of Richard & Dawn Mull and has grown up being involved in Operation Light Force. Andrew joined the team officially in 2013 and has helped modernize and digitalize OLF. He is actively involved in ministry, teaching, management, youth and internship program and many other facets. Andrew is married to the beautiful Sasha Mull.

Deborah Cliver – Prayer Ministry Coordinator

Deborah began in 2017, coordinating the schedule for ministry sessions.  For many years before taking on that role she served as a freedom minister, a place where she continues to serve.  Deborah and her husband live in Lakeland, Florida, and have two grown children.