The Operation Light Force International Institute offers an in-depth, online curriculum that you can study at your own pace. Most of the teaching is delivered on video, and this is often accompanied with outlines and Bible study notes. There is a great deal of material, and we don't want you to be overwhelmed, so here is a brief overview.

You can start with the Free Resources, which will give you an exciting overview of what you'll be learning as well as the flavor of the main courses.

The main courses begin with a series of basic 100-level courses, which will provide you with the Foundations of Healing.

The next group, 200-level courses, go deeper and further, so they are called Beyond Foundations of Healing.

It's critical to understand how illness springs from spiritual roots, and that is the subject of 300-level courses: Spiritual Roots to Illness.

We have done significant study of both scripture as well as modern medical research and have come to recognize that many if not most illnesses and diseases have a spiritual root or cause. Even the medical community realizes this, though they usually call it psychological roots.

With this as a foundation we seek to minister to the root causes of people's mental, emotional and spiritual problems. We see people healed physically of life long infirmities without even praying for the illness at times. When the root is healed the fruit just grows.

Most of the time people are treating the symptoms and not the root causes. We work with people to lovingly help them deal with the root of the problems in their life.

Finally, the curriculum addresses the ministering of healing to others. These are the 400-level courses: Ministering Healing.

The purpose of the entire curriculum taken together is to equip disciples to understand their authority and the power of God, to do the things that Jesus did, of Setting Captives Free, Healing the Sick and Preaching the Kingdom of God.

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